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This is the lates innovation of CryptBot™ which developed this secure web-Mail for preventing virus and spam e-mail attacks from their root causes and for anyone who want to use it for legal and confidentiality issues. One e-mail account, you will get three modes of e-mail...(1) Normal Mode for using with your trusted colleagues...(2) Hidden Mode which specially designed for protecting your real e-mail address from viruses and spam or junk e-mails attacks and for you securely expose it to the public and...(3) Secure Mode where your can degitally sign and encrypt your messages with the Multiple Digital Signatures and Encryptions......(see more details at

* Only in case of using "Hidden Mode" with high security configuration.
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Need to digitally sign or create your "Digital Signature" and encrypt any file/e-Document and/or web page, please go get it at Here, you will get all security services such as e-Sign™, web-Sign™, e-Custodian™, e-Pen™, e-Secure Workflow, Smart Card & Fingerprint Applications, and more...

Get your .name identity today at only 800.- Baht/domain/year (VAT included). You can have your personal e-mail for life such as, and/or a web site like Don't miss... click here!!
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  Choice I
  Domain registration with Network Solutions, Inc., (InterNIC) the original domain registrar. (See details here)
  Domain : .com, .net, .org
  Registration : 900 Baht/domain/yr.
     (incl. VAT) + Free handling charge
: 900 Baht/domain/yr.
  Don't pay 1,500 Baht when you
  can renew it at only 900 Baht/yr.
  Reliable & Hi-Quality
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  Served by Network Solutions, Inc.
    : 2,505 Baht/domain/2yrs.
  (incl. VAT) + handling charge
: Now, you can register under your own trademark/ trade name.
  Reliable & Hi-Quality
  Go Search your domain here
  Served by ThaiNIC
  Choice II
  Domain registration with New Registrar (low price service with limited support).
(See details here)
  Domain : .com, .net, .org
  Registration : 642 Baht/domain/yr.
  (incl. VAT) + No handling
: 642 Baht/domain/yr.
  Just click here to renew it.

  (Only for domain registered
   with this new registrar.)
  Low Price Domain : 642 /yr.
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  Served by New Registrar
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