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ThaiNIC is one of several services of Maxcyber®, a division of Max Savings (Thailand) Co., Ltd. We have provided a full range of Internet-related services since October, 1995. A key success factor of ThaiNIC's web site is our one-stop service for domain name registration, which gives you both THNIC domain name extensions(,,, and InterNIC domain name extensions (.com, .net, .org) which we are the International Premier Partner of Network Solutions, Inc. In addition there are many other value added services such as E-Commerce service, domain name parking, web hosting, e-mail setup, etc.

Don't surprised to know that more than 30,000 domain name are registered evey week. So good names are gone fast. If you are planning to have a web site or just reserve a good name for future use, make a domain name registration now. With the domain registration service, you can also get e-mail as

Should you have questions about our services or Internet applications for your business, feel free to e-mail us. We are always at your service.


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