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Advanced E-Commerce that Fits Market Needs.
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E-Com Bot is our state of the art E-Commerce Software. We and our customers have been using it for more than three years. Having proved it ourself, we are now able to come up with a number of versions which can serve a wide variety of customers' sales strategies. "Easy Customization" is the exotic attribute that makes it different from other E-Commerce software.

eComBot consists of three components. The first one is "Shopping Cart System", which can be customized to fit each of your product varieties or your customer buying behavior. The second component is "Secure Payment System." Besides the SSL, our "CryptBot" ensures that the credit card number is encrypted on top of SSL. This means 'Double Security Levels.' "Special Promotion Handling Software" is the last component that allows you to play with sales promotional activities such as volume discount, point accumulation (member club), jack-pot sale and etc. Moreover we have "E-X-Commerce" for serving export commerce activities.

You can see it for yourself at our references and the real cyber stores of our customers below. ... Need the Complete E-Commerce Service please feel free to contact us. Our one-stop advanced E-Commerce services are waiting for you to try out.

E-Commerce Varieties
Easy-looking cart
Pop-up shopping
Select your color
Wholesale/Export order
Hotel reservation
Tour package reservation
Handling charge

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