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Over 19 million Domain names registered through InterNIC and THNIC services.
How to Use :
You can get Domain Parking, E-mail and Web Hosting services, just use the search box above to search for a domain name you want.
Domain Parking
Thai Domain Registration
Domain Parking Service Domain Parking Service
While you are not ready to have a web site but want to reserve a good domain name for future use, you can now simply register and park your name with us.
  International Premier Partner
Now! You can get your domain parking & hosting within 5-15 mins.*
Check if your wanted
domain name is available!

(For .com, .net, .org only)
New Registrar Low Price Domains (900.- / yr.)

Need to register,, and, please click here.
Need to register a low price domain, 642.- baht/yr., please click here.
Need to register a domain with the world registrar ; InterNIC, please click here.

Web Hosting / Web Site Setup Web Hosting / Web Site Setup
We host your web pages state of the art virtual web servers with full technical support.
Web Promotion & Internet Marketing Web Promotion & Internet Marketing
We can make your site realize a higher exposure rate with more feedback from your target groups.
Get your E-mail Get your E-mail
An easy way to get your own e-mail Just register and get it.
Web Forwarding Web Forwarding
Should you already have your web pages hosted on free web server space (e.g., we can map your domain to that space.
In case you have any problem concerning about domain name registration or other services, please tell us here.

Domains for Sale Domains for Sale
Sell & Buy Domains Here ! Explore some of the best domain names for your business. If you are a start-up, this can be an incredibly huge opportunity for you. If you 've got good domain names to sell, here is also a marketplace to put them on for sale. Now it's free of charge.
E-Commerce Service E-Commerce Service
Advanced E-Commerce that fits market needs. "Easy Customization" is the exotic attribute.
IDI Service IDI Service
is an intranet/extranet EDI within your group and/or your business partners such as dealers, etc.
Need E-Commerce
... Click eComBot
Additional Services
Get your E-mail after Domain Parking
Get your E-mail & E-Commerce after Domain Parking
Get Web Hosting (with E-mailbox(es)) Service after Domain Parking
Get Web Hosting Service after You've Got an E-mailbox

* In case only you register .com, .net, .org or rent a Economy-1/-2 server and pay us by real time credit card.
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